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What fabric is flannel? The role of flannel

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What fabric is flannel? The role of flannel

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The flannel is a cotton fabric with a rich, fluffy surface after brushing. Through the pinhole gaunting process on the surface of the cloth, it produces more fluff, strong three-dimensional effect, high gloss, and soft and thick feeling.

The pile of flannel is relied on repeatedly by the needle point of the brushing machine to form a part of fiber on the surface of the cloth, and the fluff needs to be short, dense and uniform. The printed fleece is brushed prior to printing, and the bleached and variegated flannel is finally brushed. The warp yarn used for the velvet cloth should be fine; the weft yarn should be thick and have less twist. The weft yarns should be made of coarse cotton fibers with good uniformity. The fabric has a small density and a large weft density so that the weft yarns appear on the surface, which is favorable for the weft yarns to form a full and even pile of cotton fibers. After the velvet is brushed, the loss of weft strength is large, so it is very important to grasp the quality of the cotton yarn and the operation of the brushing technology. A fluffy cotton cloth, single or double-faced, for underwear and pajamas.

Velvet is divided into two kinds of single-faced velvet and double-faced velvet. The single-sided velvet is mainly composed of twill, also known as velvet; the double-faced velvet is dominated by plain weave. The velvet cloth is soft, comfortable and warm, and is suitable for winter underwear and pajamas. Printing velvet, dyed plaid plaid should be women's and children's spring and autumn coat. The velvet cloth with animals, flowers, and fairy-tale image patterns is also called velvet and is suitable for children. Natural cashmere, bleached cashmere, cashmere, and sesame cashmere are commonly used as winter clothing, gloves, shoes and caps, etc.

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