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Jiangmen Rongxin Plush Co., Ltd.



Factory Address: No. 52, Liyi Second Road, Lile Town, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City        



Business address: Room 703, Building 7, Zhifu Park Phase 1, Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City  

Direct technical consultation:13500279390 Mr. Huang

Direct sales service:13928260332 Miss Wu

Internet site:www.flock-rx.com

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Jiangmen Rongxin is an innovated company specialized in manufacturing electrostatic flock with stable quality and high added value. “Gather everyone’s mind and gain a win-win situation” is our development philosophy.

It is located at the riverside of Lile Town,Jianghui District, Jiangmen City. The locals are modest and courteous. The transportation is convenient and it is within 5 kilometers from the high-speed entrance of the Pearl River Delta loop line and Jiangmen Light Rail Station. It is popular while peaceful at the same time, so it’s a pleasant place for both life and work.

Harmony Flock is mainly used for high class home textile, clothing, package, toy, jewelry case, car interior, carpet, etc. Also, we offer customization service, providing the most satisfying and reasonable method in production and technology.

We persist in “Based on quality, be more professional and value innovation” and we’re determined to be the most devoted expert in electrostatic flock. Through horizontal organizational structure, standardized technology, labor-saving equipment, systematic process and humanistic management, we strive to make enterprises, customers, suppliers and all employees gain success in continuous development.


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