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Jiangmen Rongxin Plush Co., Ltd.



Factory Address: No. 52, Liyi Second Road, Lile Town, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City        



Business address: Room 703, Building 7, Zhifu Park Phase 1, Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City  

Direct technical consultation:13500279390 Mr. Huang

Direct sales service:13928260332 Miss Wu

Internet site:www.flock-rx.com

Company Philosophy

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 Company Vision, Mission, Core Value

·Harmony’s Vision: Be the most devoted expert in electrostatic flock.

·Harmony’s Mission: Be focused and innovative. Be honest and provide customers the most satisfying method

·Harmony’s Core Value: 

    Gather everyone’s mind: Teamwork

    Be focused and professional: Concentration & innovation

    Gain a win-win situation: Explore and share achievements together

Company Philosophy

·Company Philosophy: Gather everyone’s mind and gain a win-win situation

·Quality Principle: Based on quality, be more professional and value innovation

·Service Philosophy: Provide customers with the most satisfying method

Harmony’s Advantage

·Team: Our core team has been in the field of electrostatic flock for nearly 20 years. 60% of employees have been working together for more than 10 years. We follow the same philosophy and the same direction-“Gather everyone’s mind and gain a win-win situation”. The core team has extensive experience in technology, development, management, sales, finance, etc. and cooperation with each other smoothly.

·Technology: We have a technology development team with rich experience, who values the combination of concept and practice. We are very familiar with the electrostatic flocking technology as well as safety and environment law from domestic and abroad. The team has excellent development capability in function as well as safety and environmental protection

·Management: With a horizontal organizational structure, our management is highly efficient, scientific and humanistic. By standardized production, the quality of our products is very stable. We use an excellent quality control system, which helps to prevent and trace mistakes. We also owns the PMC System, which is developed by ourselves. We are the first one to develop such system in this industry.

·Product: We have stable quality and leading technology, so we’re able to offer customized service. We take delight in providing customers with the most satisfying method. Harmony Flock passed REACH and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 with “Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100” label. Harmony Flock also gained the title of “Trustworthy Textile”.

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