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Flannel can be divided into several types

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Flannel can be divided into several types

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The type of flannel can be divided into several types? Velvet is divided into velveteen, velvet, flocking cloth, tufted cloth, polyester silk fabric flannelette, knitted fabric flannelette, cotton fabric flannelette, velvet fabric flannel, if it is used as a quilt, I suggest you choose the fleece, double fleece to Mainly plain. Velvet cloth body is soft, fit and comfortable, more skin-friendly, warmth is good, the price is relatively affordable.

    First, watermark velvet bag:

Because of its use of water-based mortar as a print medium named after the velvet bag printing is more common, also known as printing. The color paste and the water-based elastomer glue are blended during printing. The printing plate does not use chemical solvents and can be washed directly with water. It is characterized by good coloring power, strong hiding power and fastness, and resistance to washing, basically no odor.

Second, silk screen velvet bag:

Silk screen is regarded as the most widely used method for printing velvet bags. In the process of plate making, first, the photosensitive film coated with photosensitive material is laid flat on the work surface, and the frame of the wrist will be flattened. Put on the base of the film, then put the photosensitive paste in the frame and press it with a soft scraper. After drying, remove the plastic film base, and attach the photosensitive film wrist screen to use for printing. After drying, a screen printing screen is made.

Third, thermal transfer velvet bag:

Thermal transfer is a special type of printing in printing. The method requires an intermediate medium, that is, the graphic is first printed on a thermal transfer film or a thermal transfer paper, and the pattern is transferred to a velvet bag by heating the transfer device.

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