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How to maintain the plush fabric

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How to maintain the plush fabric

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How to maintain the plush fabric? The price of plush fabrics in apparel fabrics is relatively expensive, and such fabrics are not easy to manage. There are many problems encountered in washing and maintenance. How can these problems be solved? The following Xiao Bian to explain for everyone about the maintenance of some problems with plush fabrics.

First, maintenance

If the clothing of the plush fabric is worn for too long, it will produce elastic fatigue. It is not easy to restore the original state. Causes distortion of clothes. So after wearing it for a while, let it rest properly. In this way, the elasticity of plush garments can be well maintained.

Second, washing

Plush clothing is not suitable for soaking in cold water for too long. Need to grasp the time of soaking according to the color and dirty of clothing. The temperature during washing should not be too high. Generally, it is soaked in water below 40°C. This prevents the felt and elasticity of the plush products from falling.

Use soap flakes or neutral laundry detergent when washing. Generally speaking, soap flakes are used in worsted or light-colored garments, and laundry detergent is used in woollen or dark-colored garments. Do not wash with a washboard when washing, and do not beat it with a wooden stick. Scrubbing and rubbing should be used. The washing time shouldn't be too long to prevent the fibers from biting each other and producing a pile-up (ie felting). When brushing against the lines, use too much force. Do not wring after washing, drain by hand and drain. Drying should be selected in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose it to strong sunlight to prevent loss of luster and elasticity of the plush fabric. The clothes are allowed to dry half-dry and a plastic surgery is performed. Place shoulders, chests, bag covers and other places in one hand, beat one hand in the field, and gently stretch the cuffs, ankles, trousers, etc., so as not to cause wrinkles, in order to facilitate ironing.

Third, the collection

When the plush clothing is in the collection, it is necessary to remove the dust first. The best way is to dry clean once, because the dry-cleaning agent tetrachloroethylene has a strong bactericidal effect. It is also possible to disinfect garments while improving the cleanliness of the garments.

Plush fabrics are more hygroscopic, so hands should be as permeable and dry as possible during rainy days. Prevent moldy. Be sure to avoid strong sunlight when you are drying. Or it is only the reverse side of the sun, so you can avoid discoloration of clothing. Remember to put in insect repellent when putting in the closet to ensure the safety of the clothing.

Plush fabrics are relatively high-end garments, so even if they are taken off, they should not be randomly placed to avoid the appearance of clothes. Especially for long-line clothing more afraid of pressure. Therefore, the best way to maintain such clothing is to hang it.

Plush clothing must be careful when wearing, even if there is a small hole is also a timely repair, try to avoid expansion.

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