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Application of PP flocking primer treatment agent for the application of PP primer for flocking process

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Application of PP flocking primer treatment agent for the application of PP primer for flocking process

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

The visual effect of the plastic part of the car has been increasingly concerned by people. Flocking produces a velvety appearance, which is a trend in automotive interior applications worldwide. Sitting in a car, passengers and drivers feel as comfortable as home.

The flocking base fabrics and flocking yarns processed into automobile interior decorative fabrics have good abrasion resistance, that is, the service life of the automobile is also prolonged according to the structure of the interior decoration materials.


The effect of flocking on the surface of interior automotive interior parts was originally used as a covering for protection to compensate for defects in interior decoration of automobiles. For these decorative materials, the demand for the performance of various components was relatively high in the beginning. Nowadays, the demand has been expanded, and the demand for visual aspects, namely fashion trends, has occupied the top position. Therefore, automotive interior parts Flocking processes and effects are widely used.

So why does PP material need to be coated with a layer of PP before applying glue? This is due to the low molecular polarity of the PP plastic surface, the glue is difficult to effectively combine with the PP material, resulting in flocking layer shedding.

PP polypropylene is a non-polar material, in the surface of the adhesive flocking process, due to poor adhesion of the glue between the substrate, the phenomenon of poor flocking. The effective solution is to apply primer treatment to flocking the surface of PP material and use Fensheng PP flocking agent to improve the adhesion between the PP substrate and the flocked glue, and to improve the stability of the flocked glue on the surface of the substrate. degree.

Performance characteristics:

1. Composition: Fat-soluble chlorinated polypropylene resin

2. Environmental Products: Meet RoHS, VOC, benzene detection requirements

3. Excellent flocking adhesion performance: improve the adhesion of PP substrate surface and glue

General use process of PP flocking agent:

1. Surface cleaning of PP substrate

2. Spray or brush PP flocking glue treatment agent

3. Spray or brush flocking adhesive, requiring moderate wet film thickness, uniform appearance and luster

4. Flocking is completed after sizing, and the finished product is to be tested after drying.

Due to the fact that the use of PP polypropylene in automotive interior parts accounts for 48%, the research and development of Lusun PP flocking primer treatment for automotive flocking industry has resulted in both the flocking effect and quality of interior trim parts. The degree has been guaranteed, and at the same time, keeping up with the needs of the era of environmental protection, through RoHS, VOC and other tests.

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