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How to distinguish between plush doll fabrics

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How to distinguish between plush doll fabrics

Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Many friends who like plush toys consult Xiao Bian. How do you distinguish the fabrics of plush toys? What is a plush toy fabric? Plush toy fabrics are divided into two kinds of pure wool and chemical fiber. Pure wool fabrics are expensive and easy to be eaten by insects, so they are rarely used. If you want to distinguish between pure wool and synthetic fabrics, you can try: remove a few fibers from a plush toy and observe the results of burning with a fire. If you leave behind black carbon, use The finger is a powder and it is a pure wool fabric. If you leave behind a brown paste after burning, use a finger to have a sticky feel, that is, synthetic fabrics.


Second, we can also simply detect the quality of plush toys sewing? First of all, along the direction of natural plush to cover the plush, this time the hands of plush toys should not appear obvious color, hair loss, the phenomenon of exposed bottom, there should not be insects, mildew. After combing, plush should be able to recover quickly. If you can't, and it looks like there are confusing stripes, the fabric quality of this plush toy is not good enough.

Then, we can also check the connection between the head of the plush toy and the body, and how the sewing process is used at the joints between the limbs and the body. The general standard is uniform line foot, no off line, no exposed threads. We can hold any of the sewing parts of the toy and pull it up and down several times. There is no broken thread or cracking phenomenon. It is a good stuffed toy.

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