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What is the meaning of printing, hanging dyeing, flocking, splashing ink, hot drilling, etc.

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What is the meaning of printing, hanging dyeing, flocking, splashing ink, hot drilling, etc.

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Printing, hanging dyeing, flocking, splashing, and hot drilling are the names of the crafts.

Printing: The dyeing process is generally a regular or irregular, continuous or discontinuous fixed pattern.

Hanging dyeing: A special dyeing technique for tie-dyeing, which allows the fabric to produce a color gradient effect.

Flocking: The fabric is a base fabric and the front is planted with nylon fleece or viscose velvet.

Splash ink: The ink is sprinkled on the fabrics in large pieces. According to the natural appearance, it outlines the image of the object. The effect is totally natural and belongs to the auxiliary dyeing and weaving process.

Hot drilling: hot drilling, hot map composition. The specific pattern made by hot drilling and hot pressing with the ironing machine is completed.

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