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Selected raw materials, all-steel precision knives, stable color accuracy, multi-level screening technology, patented technology, can give excellent hairiness, flying, dispersion, and flexibility. Safety and environmental protection, can pass REACH and OeKO standards.

Why choose us?

The core team has been in this industry for nearly 20 years. we’ve gone through absorption, development and innovation in management and technology. Now we are well experienced in technology and have formed an excellent business system.

Jiangmen Rongxin is an innovative enterprise specializing in the production of electrostatic plush, adhering to the development philosophy of “integrating the public and creating a win-win situation” and specializing in the production of electrostatic fuzz with stable quality and high added value. The core plush is mainly used in high-end home textiles, clothing, packaging, toys, jewelry boxes, automotive interiors, carpets and other fields of flocking. We adhere to the production policy of “focusing on quality, concentrating on more professionalism, and embodying value in innovation” and do our best to use an electrostatic fuzz expert.

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We are always exposed to the forefront of the industry and grasp the latest developments in the domestic and foreign cashmere industry.

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We have always been at the forefront of the industry

  • Product advantages

    With stable quality, we can customize and develop for a single customer, and provide customers with the most satisfactory production solutions.
  • Team Advantage

    The core team has been working in the field of electrostatic plush for nearly 20 years, and 60% of the employees have worked together for more than 10 years.
  • Geographic advantages

    Convenient logistics channels, rich raw material production areas, favorable conditions for economic development, etc.
  • Technical advantages

    With an experienced technology development team, we are familiar with electrostatic plush application and development at home and abroad, familiar with domestic and international safety and environmental protection regulations, and teams have excellent development capabilities in terms of functionality, safety and environmental protection.
  • Organizational advantages

    The core team each has senior experience in technology, development, management, sales, finance, and other divisions of labor and cooperation.
  • Management advantages

    To achieve a flat management structure, streamlined and efficient, scientific and humane. Implement production standardization to achieve stable product quality and reduce defects.
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