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What is the difference between flocking, velvet and fleece?

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What is the difference between flocking, velvet and fleece?

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Plus velvet is the fabric of the inside there are some like the inside of the sweater as fluffy, and feels like a thin blanket of fabric, very soft, very comfortable.

Due to the different ways of splicing fleece, the materials used are different, so the type of fleece is extremely rich and it is not easy to summarize. In order to facilitate the choice of use, here are classified according to the function. The fleece used outdoors can generally achieve the following functions: warm, windproof, lightweight, quick-drying, wear-resistant, extended, easy to compress, easy care, antistatic, water repellent, etc. Most of the cashmere to achieve one or more of these functions, so if the breakdown is still a lot, here are divided into two categories according to the main function of the simplified, one is to keep warm; the second is wind. In fact, fleece is often a combination of functions, just for ease of reference, a rough classification.

The method of vertically fixing short fibers (typically 0.03 to 0.5 cm in length) to a substrate coated with an adhesive is called flocking.

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